Hurrah! Someone from your group of friends is turning 21! You receive an invitation to the 21 dinner, but what's nice to give? Give a personal book alone, or with your group of friends, with the nicest but also the craziest and funniest photos of your friendship. Are you curious what such a book looks like? Then read the blog!

Last month I had a 21 dinner with a good friend. Of course she also received a 21 dinner book just like the rest. We opted for one this time pastel book in the color lilac with the leaf pattern. Really a super nice combination, if I do say so myself.

I print the photos with the Canon Selphy. This is a handy compact photo printer for at home. I really always use this to print photos or cards, because the quality is really super good.

First, of course, you start with a start page. You start with a nice photo and decorate it with some nice stickers and paper. You can make this as simple or as busy as you want.

Tip: Write a sweet letter about the friendship and why this book was made. Glue this also at the beginning of the book.

Filling the book can be quite a chore. That's why we made the book with the three of us. This is much faster than doing it alone and it is also super fun to look at old photos together. This brings back nice memories.

Are you not creative at all? Even then you can make a great book! For example, make nice washi tape lines and stick your photos over them. This way you have a nice but also simple page.

You can use all kinds Products to brighten up your pages. Think of stickers, quote cards and colored paper. These products come in different lines. There is a pastel, botanical and rainbow line. I always use a combination of and I alternate it.

Like this! The book is ready! Filled with all kinds of fun facts, photos and everything about friendship. The book turned out super nice and ready to give. The book will soon have a nice place in your home.


Tip: Put a rubber band around the book when it is finished. This way the pages stay together nicely.

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Imelda is mother of 2 girls and has been a loyal SIO fan for years!

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