Get started with paper

Capture your memories in the scrapbooks of Studio Ins & Outs. All fun, funny and valuable moments in one place, your own scrapbook. All in one book or spread over several themed booklets. From pregnancy, to holidays or the most beautiful moments of your child. Capture all the beautiful moments.

Paste and describe your memories in personal scrapbooks from Studio Ins & Outs. Scrapping or scrapbooking is actually the creative pasting of photos in a photo album. Scrapping has come over from America. Stick special, funny and valuable moments that you want to keep in a fill-in book.

Starting with a scrapbook
Starting a scrapbook starts with thinking about what exactly you want to make. Take a photo as a starting point and look at the colors in the photo to determine the atmosphere of your scrapbook. For inspiration, check out Pinterest to see what others have made, or flip through a magazine to see how an article is formatted. Using templates, you will design a page and play with shapes, creating a creative page with a personal layout. These layouts are then further finished with different materials and techniques, in which the photo is central. The decorations let the photo and text speak even more and support to bring this moment forward even more. For scraping or scrapbooking you can make it as crazy as you want, think for example of stickers, washi tape, stamps, paint and other decorations. For every budget there is something to find. But you can also work very well with just pen, paper, scissors and glue.

Personal moments
In scrapbooks you can paste all valuable memories in a playful and personal way in a booklet. Moments with your family, birthday parties, a nice holiday, a wedding or a pregnancy, everything is possible. At Studio Ins & Outs we sell books that you can use as the basis for a personal scrapbook. Have fun pasting your photos! In the end it will become a personal scrapbook, which you and people around you will enjoy and look back on for a long time!