In this blog you can read everything about the handy home printer: Canon SELPHY CP1500. A must-have if you like making photo albums and fill-in books! We also explain the differences between the CP1500 and the previous model, the CP1300.

Why a home printer?
With a company 'in the fill-in books' it is clear that I work a lot with fill-in and scrapbooks. The kids already have a whole stack themselves and I'm also sticking for myself! In the first period I had many photos printed at companies such as Hema, Kruidvat, Klikkie and others.

But I secretly notice that I don't use a lot of photos either. So I started the search for the ideal home printer for photos.

From Canon Selphy CP1500
I have been using this SELPHY model for over 5 years now. And my girlfriends and clients can no longer do without it. The concept of printing from your phone in a larger format immediately appealed to me! But, because of my experiences with other home printers, I was quite skeptical. During one of our live events I was able to test the printer myself and I was immediately sold.

My findings
The subtle shine gives the photos a luxurious look. But it is also possible to print matte. The photos come out of the printer without a crazy filter and no darker than the original. And by downloading the extra app you can easily print photos with fun layouts that you can stick in your book in no time! As with all other photo printers, the better your photo, the better the print. Fast, moving phone snapshots don't suddenly come out of the printer fantastically tight.

How does it work?
Installing the SELPHY was quite easy for me. First of all, I downloaded the Canon Selphy app from the App Store (I have an iPhone, but you can also use it with other types of phones). You connect the printer to the app via a QR code. The printer has its own WiFi signal, which you can connect to your phone. Useful! So you can use the printer anywhere.

Then open the app and select the photo you want to print. You can also choose extra thick white borders and how many prints you want to make.

But I like to make collages and different sizes of photos. Then you download the extra SELPHY app (search for Selphy in your app store). With this app you can make nice collages. I choose the N-up layout for 4 photos if I want to print 4 separate photos and the Shuffle Layout if I want to make a ready-made collage. With this last option you can also select less than 8 photos.

At the end of 2022, Canon launched a new model SELPHY, the CP1500. Below I explain the differences between the printers:

  • Smaller design: The CP1500 is slightly smaller and sleeker in design than its predecessor. The screen is also no longer tiltable, which makes the printer more manageable and less susceptible to damage. I like that the printer has a small motif, it looks stylish!
  • Easier to install: You can now install and pair the CP1500 with your device via the SELPHY app. This also allows you to easily switch between printers. Previously you had to install the WiFi of the printer.
  • Easier matte printing: With the CP1500 you can print matte more easily. On the CP1300 you had to change this on the device every time. But with the CP1500 you do this via the app and it remembers your settings.
  • Print Speed: The CP1500 prints your photos slightly faster than the CP1300.
  • Better printing: The CP1500 improves your photos, making them even more beautiful when printed.

Both printers use the same ink cartridges and paper. The printing technique is therefore the same. Curious about the technique? Watch the video of the Canon SELPHY CP1500 in action here:

We have a nice promotion! When purchasing a Canon photo printer, you now receive a scrapbook and sticker sheet for free. You can get started with your photos right away!

View all Canon photo printers here: CLICK

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Irene van Zuthem, (twin) 4 kids mom, founder and designer of Studio Ins & Outs

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