A while ago I was asked if I wanted to babysit my niece on a regular basis.
Of course I said YES to that. Nothing more fun than building a different kind of bond with your niece in this way. And how nice is it not only to capture these fun moments with a photo, but also to do something with it. Make it tangible.

That's why I chose a tailor-made book, I chose Lovely days with Lynn as the title. I personally like working in a blank book. You can decide for yourself how you want to fill it, you are not tied to a specific layout or layout.

I use this book as a kind of babysitting diary. On the days when my niece is there, I consciously take pictures of the things we do. Photos say a lot, but I also really like it when you add a text about how the day went. I make the texts in the Canva app, I use the same font for each text so that it is a whole.

The style I use in this book may seem simple to many. However, I call it sleek, simple but I like it. Anyway, I have a love for black and soft colors. Because my niece often wears clothes in soft / neutral colors, I use them a lot in the book.
If you were to leaf through this book yourself, I'm sure you would notice that I use a lot of lines. Not only lines in dashes of washi, but I also make narrow lines with paper. The new paper packs are really ideal for this, because they are the same size as your page.

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