Wow! How nice is this paper pumpkin? I started working with a paper cutter and paper pad and explain in this blog how I made the pumpkin.

1. Cut strips of 1cm width.

With a paper trimmer I cut strips of 1cm width. But you can also vary in width. Please note that it is easier to form a shape with small strips than with wide strips. Alternate between plain and prints for a nice effect.

2. Lay the strips on top of each other

Now lay the strips on top of each other. I glue everything down when I'm sure it's in the right place. By tilting the strips and laying them on top of each other you create the pumpkin shape 

3. Tape everything

When I'm sure the strips are in the right place, I glue everything down.

TIP: First take a picture of your page with your phone. If it shifts, you can see how it was again!

4. Pimp your page further

I finished the page with stickers and quotes. Add a nice holiday photo and this real autumn page is ready!

I think it turned out to be a really cool page and I'm curious about your version of this design!

Below you will find the items used for this blog.

Love, Rosalin

Above they blog

Rosalin works at SIO and likes to make holiday books

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