5 Redenen voor een Jaarboek

The year is almost over, it Yearbook almost completely filled. I have been keeping a Yearbook since 2018. A Yearbook is a photo book where you can keep track of your favorite moments every month.
I'm still super excited about it after 3 years and in this blog I tell my 5 reasons why it brings me so much.

A moment for yourself every month

As a busy mother of 2 kids there is always something to do. Bringing children around, housekeeping, you name it. If you don't watch out you can easily forget yourself.
By consciously planning a moment every month 1 or 2 x in which I update during the past month, I ensure that I also take some time for myself. Add a cup of tea and something delicious and I'm ready for my evening of me-time!

A nice overview of the past year

Because you update it every month, it is done in no time, but at the end of the year your book is nicely filled and you have a valuable memory of all the moments of the past year. I make the yearbook for myself, and that is sometimes nice in addition to all the photo books for the kids ;-) Of course there are also photos of the children, but the moments with friends, for example, also get a nice place.

More appreciation for the little moments

By updating my Yearbook every month, I enjoy all the little things that make life beautiful again. Sometimes when I want to start thinking that not much has happened in a month, but just by sticking in the little moments like a walk in the woods or ice cream at the salon I get a very nice book and I really appreciate my life more. This is how I regularly leaf back in my book and see again that despite the fact that this has been a crazy year, it has brought a lot of beauty.

Creative egg lost

I love being creative every now and then, but every time thinking about what to do and then also getting the stuff in the house, no time and certainly no sense in it. Let alone thinking about what I should do with the end result, because before you know it your house will be bulging.
I think the advantage of keeping a Yearbook is that I can grab it at any time, I can start right away. I have the things together in one box in the cupboard and are on the table in no time. Once the page is finished I have been creative and at the same time I have a nice memory for later. My favorite items are the corner sponge and the figure punch with the heart.

Finally doing something with all the photos

I always like to take pictures of all the things we do. But really doing something with those photos, that didn't happen very much. Since I keep my Yearbook, the photos get a destination and that's great fun.

I print the photos with the Canon Selphy. That is really ideal! I can get to work whenever I feel like it and then I don't have to wait for photos from Hema, for example.


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